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Get in touch if you would like to get married in one of our  Parish churches.

Weddings are a great family occasion.
The wedding is the starting point for your marriage and getting married before God and  your family is a wonderful way to show your commitment to each other. 
We will go through the process of preparation for marriage.

Weddings, blessing of marriage, renewal of vows, bann readings.

Rolleston, Thurgarton and Upton have bells. Bleasby have a carillon of bells. 

The West Trent Choir are happy to sing at weddings, depending on availability.

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For more information, hymn ideas, recommended readings, music for entrance of the bride, departure of the married couple, order of service and much more please check out the Church of England website
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It's so difficult when you can’t go to a funeral, whether for family, friend or neighbour. Many are facing this in the current crisis, so this short reflection has been specially written by a vicar for you to do at home, alone or with those who share your home. You might ask others to take part at the same time from their home.  When this time of social distancing is over, there may well be an opportunity to meet together at a special time of remembering and thankfulness. Your memories now can be part of that experience when the time comes.
A church will always be there to help you through one of life’s most difficult times. A Church of England funeral is available to anyone.  Support before, during and after the service, is given as well as help with preparing for the funeral be it in church, graveside or at a crematorium.
Contact the Benefice Administrator who will arrange a visit during the vacancy.
Lisa-Jayne Campbell- Administrator Tel: 01623 238712 (M-F 9am-2pm)Email:
Baptism (Christening) or Confirmation
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During a christening your child will be baptised with water. It’s the start of an amazing journey of faith for your child and a special day for all your friends and family. 
In Adult Baptism you are making the same commitment to follow Christ as during the infant baptism.

Confirmation is a special church service in which a person confirms the promises that were made when they were baptised. If you were baptised when you were a child, your parents and godparents made these promises on your behalf. As a young person or adult, you may be ready to affirm these promises for yourself and commit your life to following Jesus Christ.
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